Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers:

what bath bombs can i use as a gift to someone?

is there a shower steamer that relieves you from nasal congestion?

is there a bath bomb that glows in the bath?

Epsom Salt:

is there any epsom salt that is unscented?

is there a soap that combines epsom salt with foaming bath soap?

Face and Body Scrubber:

is there a face scrubber that have different cleaning modes like gentle, massage, pulsating and that doesnt spread dirt and bacteria on your skin etc ?

is there a face scrubber that removes ingrown hair and repairs razor bumps?

what good backscrub is available to scrub the entire back?

is there a body scrubber that is shaped like a hand glove that doesnt come off easily

is there a body brush that is double sided and has a soft side and a stiff bristle side?

Hair Towels:

is there a hair towel that is soft and dries hair very quickly?

Sleep Caps:

is there an adjustable sleep cap that is adjustable and can be stretched and that helps with hair styling?

is there a sleep cap that is a reversible wear and also adjustable?

Spa Accessories:

is there a spa pillow that is waterproof and provides support for the neck and that does not slip?

is there a spa pillow that has a back and headrest and does not slip?